For sale Estonian native stallion Voore Robin

For sale Estonian native stallion


(s.Rotser, d.Voore Ahara, ds.Apollo)

born. 9.07.2019, color
: silverblack


Voore Robin - has beautiful silverblack color. Robin has very good bodybuilding and up-hill movements. Grows up to 145cm. Foal is ready to move being at least 6 months old.

Sire: Rotser 742E Rotser is lovely and calm stallion. Has been multifunctional - riding school pony, driving carriages, competed showjumping and dressage. 

Dam: Voore Ahara  (s.Apollo; d.Rikana) has born in 2009, buckskin, 144cm. Voore Ahara's father  Apollo 778E is our breeding stallion, who gives good movements to his foals. Apollo has competed successfully in dressage.

Voore Ahara varsaga Voore Robin - 16.august 2019

July 2019

Voore Robin - 29.2.2020