For sale Estonian native horse Voore Ritari

For sale Estonian native stallion

VOORE Ritari

(s.Voore Reegius, d.Voore Relli, ds.Raksel)

birth. 23.08.2019, color: chestnut (probably change to palomino)


Voore Ritari has frisky white markings and strong bodybuilding. Height will be ca 140-145cm

S: Voore Reegius E025 is our homebred stallion, who is currently living in Germany. Reegius is very polite and cooperative horse, easy to teach and ride.

D: Voore Relli  born 2014, palomino, height 146cm. Lighter type, elastic and airy movements. sister of Voore Roonin.

Autumn 2020 - Voore Ritari

Voore Ritari - 7.6.2020

Voore Ritari 1 year old - 4.05.2020

First day Voore Relli and Voore Ritari - 23.08.2019

Voore Ritari - 9.9.2019

Voore Ritari - 29.2.2020