For sale Estonian native mare Voore Ahara


(d: Rikana 4130E, s: Apollo 778E)
born 03.06.2009, color dun, height 

Voore Ahara is friendly by nature, has been basically ridden in age 4, now has been used as breeding mare. Not pregnant at the moment, but has a foal and can move in the beginning of 2020. 

Voore Ahara pictures of horses show are here: "Ülevaatused" 



Stallion:  Apollo , height 145cm. Apollo has excellent movements and his leaving it also to his foals. Apollo has got high results in dressage competition - 67% in open classes, competing against sporthorses. 

dam: Rikana 4130E (s.Rallik 688E; d.Tuti 3524E), born 1997, darkdun color. Very temperamental and boss in the herd. Used as familyhorse for kids. 

More pictures of Voore Ahara can be found here  -  Rikana varss 2009  .

eestinhevostamma varsan kanssa

Voore Ahara with foal Voore Ravaana  2015

Voore Ahara with foal Voore Rameera 2014

Voore Ahara autumn  2013